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About us...


Musical Work Owners Group (MSG), is a collecting society that provides licenses andauthorization for the use of works of its members, collects royalties and distributes these royalties to its members. MSG was notified as an official establishment on 2 August 1999 by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourismand has been protecting its member’s rights in the mechanical and performing fields and collecting royalties that derives from the usage since that day.


MSG’s administration and policy is carried out by an board of directors of 9 members, including 1 chairman and 1 vice chairman, that comes to power by an election done once in two years.


The stable basic principles of MSG can be aligned as;


Reliability: MSG is determined to be a reliable institution for its members and supports the principle of transparency.


Accuracy: MSG is loyal to all of the principles that form its basis of foundation.


Mathematical Distribution: MSG is based on data and documents.  The royalties are distributed only to the work owners that are on the work declaration forms.


World System: MSG has a close cooperation with the other collecting societies in the world and it is using universal methods and criteria. 

Institutionalism: MSG’s administrative staff consists of professionals that have a duty of determining strategies and directions. 

International Reputation: Royalties that are paid to foreign collecting societies by MSG, are reported by lists, in just the same way that it is done with the Turkish work owners. Here we also see the principle of transparency.



MSG is a member of both of the international confederations (CISAC; BIEM).  It also protects the rights of its members all over the world through the agreements that are signed with the other societies, and also represents the rights of the foreign works in Turkey.


MSG is a collecting society that has a strong corporate structure. Important units such as Member Relations, Documentation, Mechanical and Performing Licensing and Distribution are managed by their professionals.