Founder of Bee Gees, famous musician and CISAC President Robin Gibb died in the night of Sunday May 20 at the age of 62, after fighting a long-term illness. 


Robin Gibb, was a member of one of the world’s most successful pop groups and a very important musician.  Bee Gees, formed in Redcliffe, Australia by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb brothers, has won the Grammy Award 7 times and sold 225 million albums worldwide making themselves one of the most successful groups in the music world.  Especially in the 70’s with their songs "Stayin' Alive", "How Deep is Your Love" and "Massachusetts" they took their place in the best-selling albums lists.


Bee Gees doubled their fame especially after making the soundtrack to the movie "Saturday Night Fever" with John Travolta taking the stage.


Robin Gibb has relentlessly been fighting for almost 3 million creators’ rights from 232 societies in 121 countries for 5 years as the President of CISAC.  During his tenure as CISAC President, Gibb strongly defended the copyright system, challenging big business and governments. He was re-elected for another term of 3 years and expressed his feelings by saying “The presidency of CISAC is a role that means a great deal to me because, as a songwriter, I am a passionate believer in the collective management of rights by authors’ societies. While the entire entertainment sector is at a crossroads, I want to leverage this new mandate to help develop a management rights system that is sustainable in the digital age, a system that meets public demand for easy access to all our works while preserving the rights and interests of everyone, including fair payment for creators to use their works.” 


MSG Family is deeply saddened by Robing Gibb’s passing who were a valuable Musician and a fighter for creators’ rights.  Gibb will continue to live in our hearts with his ideas and music.